Friday, July 8, 2011

Just in...

I got this idea a long time ago, a cat that is just in time for the toilet. Not sure how to cross the legs, I choose eventually for crossed legs, instead of X-legs. I didn't want to break the rule that the cats have straight legs.
You see very cheap acryl paint at the top (HEMA) which I bought ages ago. I did not use it for this cat, as that cheap paint is too thin and does not cover well. Note the yellow part is painted in several layers on the purple background.
This cat can only be placed on one spot. I hung it there in the quiet hours.
Between a public mens and ladies toilet. It found a place I almost pass daily at my work.
I hope that it will hang there for a very long time, bringing a smile to people from time to time ;-)
"Justin Thyme" Acryl on canvas, 10 x 10 cm, 2011

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