Saturday, December 24, 2011

A student walked by at the stairs at school. "Hi Sjors, do you want a fortune cookie?" Before I knew it, I was standing on the stairs with a fortune cookie. No idea who this student was. I pretty much like the message inside. Now together with a lucky beckoning fortune cat at the laboratory.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Lucky Cats 2012!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Purple Cheetah

At first I didn't see how this color combination would work, but when I added the last brown lining on the spots, it suddenly came to life. A student told me I should try this combo. She is a drawing artist, so she would know what she was talking about.
"Cheetah", Acryl on canvas, 10 x 10 cm, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fat Gold and Silver twins

It is actually the second series twins in gold and silver. I pretty much like to work metallic paint recently. These twins are tortoises. They are not shy, they are just lazy. And fat. I think the silver one could use a little diet.
Title is inspired by "Fat Gold Chain" by Schoolly D.

"My Fat Gold Cat" and "Silver Fat Tortoise Cat". Acryl on canvas, 2011.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Candy Cane Camo

Camouflage for the candy factory does not work in the wild...
...but it looks delicious!
"Sorry, wrong camo", acryl on canvas, 10 x 10 cm, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Innocent Cat.

"Are you talking to me? I haven't done anything... Me? no.."
Not sure how he hog on canvas. He looks a little scared. I think he is a big fluffy innocent pinkish red tiger. No evidence at all. Not even a shadow.
 "What's That, cat?", Acryl on canvas, 10 x 10 cm, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glowin Cats

I made two glowing cats recently. I pretty much like them. I hope I can find the typical lime green/yellow paint again, that I use for the glow. My oldest sister thinks it has to do something with nuclear power plants, but I see them like cats who emit positive energy.
"Gloeipoes", Acryl on canvas, 10 x 10 cm, 2011
"Nite Glow Cat with Flower", Acryl on Canvas, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maya the Cat

I was at a birthday of the daughter of a good friend of me. I also was good friends with his sister for a long time. At the birthday she was wearing a wide jumper in earth colors. There were some orange and yellow stripes on in it. Her children called her "Maya the Bee" (in Dutch Maja de Bij) after the German animated series, because of the stripes. I thought that was very funny. When she heard about my cat paintings and liked them very much, it did not take long to make this cat called Maja. I think she will give it a nice place in her house.
"Maja", acryl on canvas, 10 x 10 cm. 2011.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jungle Love

I made a similar color scheme in the past. It's a striking combination. The orange part was a bit difficult. Unfortunately my orange acryl paint did not cover very well. Therefore the orange cat consist of about 5 or 6 layers of paint. I finished the orange part with small red neon red dots. The tiger stripes are in phthaloblue, a color that seems to become a favorite accent color of me. It's a real Jungle cat. This cat loves the Jungle. Jungle liebe, Dschungel liebe. The title was inspired by a song of Zaza, "Dschungel Liebe" (Jungle Love). It was not easy to find the track as I didn't remember the artist name well and did not expect that Jungle was spelled Dschungel in German...

I had experiments at school. One of the students came to me and asked: "Can you paint a cat for me, I like them so much". Before I could say something, she continued: "Can you do something with green?". I took my iPhone and showed this painting, which was finished a few days ago. She liked it, so I said: "No problem, it's yours". Eva was a bit panicking at home when I said one of my new paintings had a new destination, since she seem to like on or two of my new cats.
"Jungle Liebe", acryl on canvas, 10 x 10 cm, 2011.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Cat

Eva wanted me to paint a Halloween cat about a year ago. I think this simple cat looks pretty funny. I should use my phtalo blue paint (Reeves) more. Though I am not fond of blue colors, this deep and dark shade of blue is great.
"Laughing Cat", acryl on canvas, 10 x 10 cm, 2011.
Nice Halloween Watch?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bamboo Cat

I gave away my bamboo cats in the past months, but I very much like the theme. It took me two days to finish this friendly cat, walking in a bamboo forest. I used a glossy red finish on top of the painting. I think it gave the cat a cool look. Pretty hard to photograph though.
"Mamboo Bamboo", acryl on canvas, 10 x 10 cm, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I had the idea to paint this cat for a long time, but I haven't painted for many months. I forced myself to make time, so I could paint this cat. Actually I was sick at home last week, so I had time enough. The round shape in the cat is inpired by the round sphere in teh video of the Acid House classic Humanoid by Stakker Humanoid (a.k.a. "Fututre Sound of London" and "Amorphous Androgynous").

"Stakker Felinoid", Acryl on canvas, 10 x 10 cm, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bernard was here!

We had a birthday party.
A few interesting  beers, most were aged in my cellar. The next morning I saw this in the Hall.
Uhrrr... I think it's the signature of my friend Bernard. Don't know why, but it actually looks funny. I always say that if you look long enough to my cats, they seem to communicate with you. Probably they did to him. So they are still untouched since this weekend.