Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How it started..

I'm not a a real painter. In my youth I was pretty busy with different art forms. Poetry, painting and later a lot of music. About a year ago, on July 16 2009, we had a party of the school personnel at the beach. There were some workshops and one of them was painting. It had been a long time I had played with paint, but somehow I was tickled again. I found an example of a cat painting. The cat was pretty rectangular, I think it was a brown cat, playing with a ball. I thought about our cat Azrael, who doesn't play with balls. He rather plays with life food, like mice, birds and rats. 
I signed the painting with my old autograph, "Georg A". Sjors is derived from Georg. When I showed my paintings in my teenage years to other people, I was constantly called George. At one time it became too much and I said: "If you can't pronounce my name well, it's just Sjors". Well, rest is history. Lately a student called me by my real name (not many people know my real name). I told her, That is my name, but I am Sjors.
 Not long after this personnels party I bought acryl paint and in the meanwhile I bought much more (including marten hair brushes). From time to time I paint these rectangular cats. Often I am inspired by recent happenings, watch articles I write or people I meet or know. I don't pretend to be an artist. Maybe I must paint because of some kind of primitive instinct. Some cats I paint have been ghosting in my head for days, some just come to life under my fingers. Somehow they seem to make people happy. well, that makes me happy too.

I have painted a lot of these cats. I have no idea how much I made. I try to post them from time to time here with some background. I hope you love my cats.

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