Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It's not my strongest point, painting realistic. I never intend to paint realistic either. Still, I wanted to do this, after I saw the Doctor Who "Night of the Proms". Some people in the audience had tally marks on their arms, related to a Doctor Who episode featuring the "Silence". The silence look creepy (inspired by both "The Scream" of Munch and the man in Men In Black movie. Although they look creepy, you won't remember them as soon as you look away. The only way to see if you encounter this species is by tally them on your body.
My little pink cat also encountered the Silence…
I found a new canvas format of 15 x 15 cm. This gives me a little bit more freedom in painting, but it the painting still looks cute and small.
"Silent Cat", Acryl on Canvas, 15 x 15 cm, 2014

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